We will start with Mayberry Cemetery

                                                                                         Mayberry Cemetery

Hello welcome to good cemeteries gone bad, I am your host the Deadman, And today we are at Mayberry cemetery on Bessie Dix rd in Seffner florida. It is a small  cemetery but even though that it still doesn't need to go neglected. Ladies and gentleman Mayberry   cemetery, Now this is one of  things we talked about on this it's just a small name plate marking a grave,  Even the name plate itself is covered in branches leaves just left to rot. Now these are about three  of the grave's we had to clean up just to make sure people don't destroy them by accidentally. Now in here you can't tell but there has been seen one headstone we don't know if there's any more in here because of how grown up it is and how nasty it is in there, guys from a  better location as you can see you can  barely make it out in there but there is a headstone in there may be more, Until it  is cleaned up the world will never know. Now  this is a real bad one on our list this is a family plot the headstone it self has four sides kind of like a piller and each  side has somebody's name or more on it, But you see how nasty it is you really can't even tell who is on it because of all the vines and stuff growing up over  the stone itself and you can't tell really how big it is because of all the weeds and stuff around it,  This is  just trying to show you two sides of that headstone. Now  this area i mean you can  see its over grown as well there's family plots here, You can't exactly tell because of all the brush and everything. Now this is an area where recently some body  actually came and  cleaned up a little bit around two of the headstones  one of them is a military Veteran as you can see by the flags and the generic tombstone, The other one probably a loved one not  exact sure. But as we were talking about the trash that is put down, I mean people just put garbage right next to this beautiful little cemetery you know it kind of drifts in it it's a real crying shame it really is. Now  this area I mean it is sad family Plots  here it's so grown up you can't tell. There's  more Veterans here. And off in a small little corner as you will see later in the video out in front of you in a corner there is a grave just by itself. Now this I guess his name was governor Johnson he was also a world war 2  veteran but as you can see his grave is neglected pretty much buried and hidden. And then he's got one next to him we don't know who it is well its like the rest of them grown up and eligible. Now this is the one we were talking about all  in the corner by itself he is Johnny Franklin, Why he's here and not with the rest of the Franklin's the world will never know. Now this one is a child it looks like nobody's taking care of his grave in a long time. Now these three grave's are the farthest out in the Mayberry cemetery and they are the only ones in this location, And one of them is a military veteran. I like to thank you for watching are video and please do not let good cemeteries go bad especially   this one. thank you and goodnight